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Stage Set Design
Having gathered more than a decade of experience in events support business, stage set is one of our strongest forte and our stage set Can best be described best and finest in the league of stage set in Nigeria. It is designed and executed to precision giving brand expression, beauty and ambiance to event, venue and to the delight of our clients and invitees of such events.
Exhibition Stands
Our exhibition stands are uniquely crafted not only to stand out from the rest but also to meets various standards ranging from beauty, class, ambiance lighting to safety, comfort and durability. It is usually a reflection of our clients product and services. It is also crafted to define and give expression to the clients idea within the given space available amongst other exhibitors and within the clients budget.

Product Display Unit Like every other service we render, we ensure that our point of sale is captivating enough to attract the interest of the customers, clients and competitors. We also ensure that the essence of the product or services been sold is not slaughtered for the other distraction that comes with the POS.

Lightings And Special Effects As architects with years of experience dealing with different size of clients and variety of business sectors, we understand and create designs in 3D (three dimensions) providing depth to our design of clients brief and its execution. We understand how various element and components come together to form a whole and ensure that all details are professionally infused to the clients expectation to bring it to reality in its finest form.

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